The Swindle

20 BBY

It is an open secret to the first generation of colonists that Captain Argo and Ruffino had swindled Tonga the Hutt into selling the station.

The story goes that Captain Argo, head of the surveying team and Ruffino, head of reconstruction, were reminiscing about home and how the events of the clone war had lead them far away. Fino joked about making a home here on the station as colonists, but Argo replied that the only way the Hutt would sell it to them was if it was functionally worthless. This got them scheming.

Argo and Fino met with their respective teams and almost all of them were eager to have a place to call home. They pooled their money together in secret and set to work in driving the price down. To put it simply, Captain Argo and his survey team falsified their reports, concealing the rich veins of Ferrite in the asteroid field.

Fino’s brother, posing as the head of RFP Orbital Mining, bargained with Tonga to sell the failing station. In the end, it was Tonga who thought he had swindled RFP into buying a useless scrap heap in the sky.

The Swindle

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