The Galactic Empire

The Empire took control after the Battle of Cygnus broke the back of the Union of Free Systems. It’s base of power is stretched between the Lyran and Nara systems with more planets falling every day.

The man who brought the sector to heel was Admiral Butcher, a brutal leader that has violently put down all opposition since his arrival. He and the combined efforts of the Cutlass and Dagger fleets maintain control over the Sector.

Moff Zekk Irons followed in the wake of Admiral Butcher’s reign of terror, the silk glove within the iron fist. His influence placated the defeated and uplifted various overseers to manage planetary affairs while he busies himself with building his own empire out in wild space.

Opposition is thwarted before it starts by the efforts of the Imperial Stormtroopers and the Imperial Security Bureau agents controlled by the enigmatic Shadow.

And beyond the might of the Imperial war machine is the insidious power of the Inquisitorius, still on the hunt for Jedi and Force-users that hide on the fringes of wild space. They will find that they have nowhere else to run.

The Galactic Empire

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