Nara V

Nara V aka Nomi


The fifth planet of seven orbiting a G-Type Main Sequence Star. The planet and its moons (Vima and Qel-Droma) were named after ancient Jedi of Legend, until the Hutts reclassified it as Nara V and lunar satellites Besh and Geth.

Nara V’s surface is covered in dense jungle and steep mountainous terrain. Closer examination reveals that much of the world had once been covered in dense urban arcologies. After so long there are only three recognizable cities remaining, named Sites 1 to 3.

At first, Very little wasknown about the surface beyond the cursory scans that the colonists of Nova Prime Station have made. The records that were left by the first explore corp expedition were taken by the Hutts and promptly lost in a file somewhere on Nar Shadaa.

One time, a few colonists attempted to land on the planet to find a likely area to colonize. The landing attempt was aborted when a giant creature lunged out of the jungle and nearly bit the shuttle in two. Since then, no colonist has dared set foot on the planet for long for fear of attracting the great beasts that call Nara V home.

It was soon discovered that the giant beasts were left over from the planet’s original inhabitants. The Sethrak used the xenosaurs asbeasts of burden, servitors and weapons of mass destruction. In the end, the great beasts turned on them and the Sethrak were wiped out. Only The Vigil, a droid powered monument to the planet’s last masters, remains.

Nara V

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