The planet formerly known as Despair was once a small colony on the fringes of the old republic in the Hexen system. One day, the skies over Despair became a battlefield between two fleets. As the fight raged on, the debris of fallen ships fell into the planet’s orbit and bombarded the surface. Both fleets had been devastated and retreated beyond the Hexen system, leaving the survivors of Despair to pick up their lives in the aftermath.

The main industry of Despair was salvaging and stripping down the derelict ships in orbit around the planet.

After Karnor the Bloody was ousted from power, the planet was reclaimed by its original inhabitants, the Johari, lead by the former Jedi Orin Solusar. The jedi disappeared, but the lessons he imparted on them lasted long after he left. They began the long arduous process of rebuilding in the wake of Karnor’s reign.

The inhabitants of Despair have renamed it Meridian and they hope to once again to make a home free from warlords and empires.


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