The Sacking of Lyran IV

4E21 17BBY

Lyran IV, formerly a Republic planet, had recently transitioned its government to serve under the new Galactic Empire. This transition involved dissolving its former planetary defense force and adopting an Imperial garrison. The transition was frought with delays from bureacratic red-tape and corruption with Lyran’s government.

The warlord Volkair had agreed to extend temporary protection while he and his men were stationed on Lyran IV. In reality, Volkair had recruited much of the planet’s disenfranchised starfighters into his own ranks and promptly left when Karnor arrived in orbit around Lyran.

As such, Lyran IV was left more or less undefended save for a token Imperial presence and the planet’s much vaunted kinetic shield.

Within seven hours of the siege, the kinetic shield was brought down by an Iridium torpedo.

The planet’s major population centres were raided, it’s citizens brutalized by Karnor’s berserker ground troops. Those they did not slaughter they gathered up as slaves and left the system. The raid took no more than 30 hours to complete, after which, an Imperial carrier discovered much of Lyran IV had been reduced to a cinder.

The Sacking of Lyran IV

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