Captain Galen Argo

NPC - An elderly gentleman patched together with crude prosethetic limbs. His eyes are haunted but focused on his grim mission of revenge.


Galen Argo is the leader of Mire, a feral colony nearby Daraay City. His defeat and disgrace at the Battle of Cygnus has made him a broken man. Rumor has it that Galen had sent his wife and children away from Nova Prime before the Battle to his brother back on Coruscant, Senator Darik Argo. Unfortunately Darik and his family were arrested for treason and disappeared.

Captain Galen Argo was the leader of Station Operations onboard Nova. He runs it with military efficiency and maintains the same organizational structure as a military vessel.

Galen was in charge of the surveying team responsible for checking the nearby asteroid field for exploitable resources. His team found nothing truly valuable in the asteroid field for a long time, which contributed to the Hutts abandoning the station. After the Hutts sold the station, Galen’s team remained and for not too long after his team discovered Ferrite deposits within the Qel-Droma debris field.

He often reminisces of his time as part of the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars and will often compare the station’s difficulties with an operation he encountered as a fleet commander. He will not talk of his last fleet action over the skies of Coruscant, however.

He is one of the three people behind the formation of Nova Prime Station.


Captain Galen Argo

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