Pax Imperia


Pax Imperia Space Station Facts

Galactic Address: Outer Rim Territories – Nara System – Nara V (Nomi) – L2
Dimensions: 9 km in length, 5 km diameter
Population: 4590
Main Industries and Exports: Agriculture, Ordanite Crystals, Ferrite Ore, and Manufacturing


Pre-Empire Nova Prime Station HIstory

Nara system and M-Class planet discovered by the Republic Explore Corp 34 BBY by Sullvan Gilbar. Named Nomi after the ancient Jedi of legend. Xeno-archaeology team dispatched and subsequently disappeared.

Explore Corp defunded in the wake of the Clone War. Settlement rights sold to the Hutts.

Reconstruction sponsored by Durga the Merciful and supervised by his cousin Tonga. Mineral surveys of the neighbouring asteroid fields showed nothing of value. Realizing the project was a bust, he slashed the budget to line his own Hutt pockets.

Roughly 60% of the station was habitable when Tonga sold the station to the RFP Corporation at a considerable loss. RFP represented the first generation of settlers who soon moved into the nearly derelict station.

While the discovery of Ferrite and other precious minerals has injected new life into the colony, the station still faces numerous difficulties in making it habitable and safe against the dangers of the outer rim.

Nova Prime became the focal point between the conflict between the Sector Lords, the Empire and the Hutts. Despite all appearances, its staunch defenders defeated Tonga the Hutt and the Empire’s trickery and the full-on invasion of two separate armies. After the conclusion of the Battle of Nara V, Nova Prime became the seat of power for a new sector alliance of free planets.


Pax Imperia – the Glory of the Empire

After the Battle of Cygnus, the corrupt rulers of Nova Prime were ousted from power and control of the station was given to the rightful caretakers, Moff Zekk Yrons and Admiral Virgil Butcher. Today, the station is a thriving metropolis and the shining beacon of hope for order and peace for the galaxy.

Pax Imperia

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