Naraya City

Formerly designated Arcology-4 by Explore-Corp back in the days of the old republic. Today it is home to nearly 200,000 sentient beings from across the galaxy.

The Green Zone is across the Jawarun Canal and is the seat of Imperial power in Naraya. It is home to the City Senate House and the Victory Tower. Imperial citizens make up the majority of the population of the Green Zone, though a few favoured workers make their homes there as well.

Within the Green Zone is the Emperor’s Crown, the Imperial Fortress where the real power resides. The Imperial Security Bureau has established a branch office and work tirelessly to root out sedition in Naraya. The poor unfortunates the ISB drag into the fortress are never seen again.

Beyond the green zone are the various wards of Naraya. The most recently encountered ones are:

Ward 17 “The Cubes”. So named because of the densely packed towers that resemble stacked cubes. It is a poorer district where the non-human species have been assigned to live since the fall of Nova Prime.

The COMPNOR Benevolent society maintains a mission there where they have set up fresh water and food for the ward citizens.

Within the Cubes is Wy-lee’s Refuge, an entire apartment complex which houses orphans and other refugees who have nowhere else to go.

Ward 9 "The Pits". Where citizens who have hit rock bottom make their home. The district is pock-marked by toxic pits filled with radioactive waste. CORSEC rarely steps into The Pits. As such, the area is littered with stim labs, underground cyber-docs and all sorts of unsavory characters.

Lately the Black Sun Crime Syndicate have moved into the Pits in order to control the spice trade and gun running operations that the local Zazy crime lords ran.

Ward 30 “Westshore Side”. The Westshore sits along the Jawarun canal. River traffic moves resources from distant outposts to the city. The Bounty Hunter Enclave overlooks the canal.

Naraya City

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