Star Wars: Wild Space

Episode 6


The crew of the QUANTUM LADY are criss-crossing the galaxy in order to find ships and pilots to defend their home, NOVA PRIME, against imminent attack from the powerful SECTOR LORDS.

Episode 5:
Business Time


Several months have passed since NOVA PRIME has become a member of the Tyran Commerce Guild. As the station’s reputation travels throughout the galaxy, more and more settlers have come looking for work and refuge from the coming war.

As the war between the sector lords escalates, Commander GALEN ARGO has commissioned our heroes to seek out Starships and Warriors to defend their home.

They must criss-cross the galaxy to find worthy defenders before the war engulfs the undefended station.

Episode 4
Nova Prime


The heroes of NOVA PRIME have saved the station from suffocation but the work of making it a thriving community is far from over. It will take reliable partners for Nova Prime to survive the perils of Wild Space.

CAPTAIN GALEN has arranged a meeting with the TYRAN COMMERCE GUILD to cement an alliance between the station and the wealthy interstellar traders.

Fate, however, has other things in store…

Deception on Modron - Story Arc Epilogue

No one witnessed Ploovo’s humiliating defeat at the hands of the Nova Prime Crew, but the effects on his organization were massive. His spice factory and droid squadrons were decimated and Tharn’s betrayal and execution dissipated whatever loyalty Ploovo’s lieutenants had. The Krayt Dragon limped out of the Graveyard for parts unknown, abandoning his strongholds in the sector. In light of recent betrayals, Ploovo has begun to overdose on his special blend of ryll spice in order to further strengthen his supposed telepathic powers.

Karnor the Bloody
Karnor the Bloody, no longer opposed by his greatest rival, has absorbed Ploovo’s holdings and soldiers. Once considered a mad dog gang leader now has the men and weapons to become a powerful player in the sector.

The planet of Despair has weathered the political shift poorly. What had been a simmering conflict between rival factions has become a shooting war between Ploovo’s former lieutenants against each other and Karnor’s soldiers mopping up whoever is weakest. Those caught in the middle of the conflict are trapped. A lucky few have managed to flee off planet.

Breaker, chief engineer of the Krayt Dragon, did not survive the events at the Graveyard. Soon after he was revived from being drowned in sewage, it came to light that he was involved in the theft of the Iridium Core and was planning on fleeing with the profits. Ploovo ejected him into space.

Mackley Tharn
Mackley Tharn was executed by Ploovo for his betrayal in the Graveyard.

OV-CR-1201 “Wrangler” Droid-human relations unit disappeared in Ploovo’s emergency shuttle “The Getaway” along with a cadre of labour droids. A shuttle matching the Getaway’s description was making its way through the sector deeper into Wild Space.

Zara Non
Zara Non, assassin and bounty hunter and former assistant to Mackley Tharn, is no longer in Ploovo’s employ, stole Tharn’s assets and took a flight out of the sector, last seen heading to the Corellian Sector.

Pheldor Rhakis “Phred” of the Space Lanes Transport Company has moved his operations to the Mara System and has opened business with Nova Prime Station.

Medical Droid XRMD-47 “Screamer” has joined the crew of the Nova Prime as a medical assistant, pending reconstruction and reprogramming.

Mason Dev, formerly of Despair, has joined Station Ops as a security officer. He has garnered a reputation as a hot head but an effective officer nonetheless.

The Junker Brotherhood
Relations with the Junker Brotherhood have become tense since the deaths of their agents, Tuvik and Dosh. There is a persistent rumor that the Nova Prime Crew stole the X2 and killed the Brothers and covered up their crime with a fanciful story.

Nova Prime
The X2 system was installed and everyone on Nova Prime could breathe easier. The day that the system was turned on was declared Breath of Life Day by Capt. Argo and the station council.

Episode 3
Flight of the Quantum Lady


Our heroes have infiltrated PLOOVO the Spice Lord’s flag ship, the KRAYT DRAGON, to steal back the X2 system.

Can they avoid the clutches of the crime boss’ goons and the deadly debris field known as THE GRAVEYARD?

Episode 2
In the Den of the Spice Lord


Our heroes are hot on the trail of the missing X2 SYSTEM as PLOOVO THE SPICE LORD’s men have taken it to the junk planet DESPAIR.

Can they recover it before PLOOVO sells it off to fund his war against his rival, KARNOR THE BLOODY?

Episode 1
Deception on Modron


The NOVA PRIME Space Station faces collapse as its life support system has failed. If it is not replaced then the colonist’s dream of freedom among the stars ends here.

Luckily, the heroes of the QUANTUM LADY are on their way to trade with the JUNKER BROTHERHOOD for a new X2 System on the moon of MODRON.


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