Yuri 'Doc' Montoya - aka Dr. Inigo Lockheart

Former idealist, turned jaded medical specialist.


Brawn 2
Agility 2
Intellect 5
Cunning 3
Willpower 2
Presence 2

Wounds 16 / Strain 16 / Soak 3

Obligation – Witness Protection (10) – The doctor has seen things. Many things. Some of which he really shouldn’t have seen. He was sent to the Wild Space for his own safety since there are a lot of unsavory types out there that want him turned into space dust.


Season 2 Update

Yuri slipped away just before Nova Prime was being taken over by the Empire.
He is rumored to have joined or created a Rebellion cell and has gone back to his real name. The fact that his son had joined the Empire drove him to great lengths to cause them as much grief as possible.

“Yuri plays for keeps.”

Doctor Yuri Montoya (not his real name) – he studied medicine back on the Core, and was an up and coming surgeon who had a bright future ahead of him. Or at least that was the case.

Married and with a young son, everything was fine.

That was until the one day, he was leaving the hospital after work, and decided to take a detour. What he saw changed his life and destroyed the happiness he had created for himself and his family.

The powers that be, faked his death, he separated from his wife and child and was sent off to the Nova Station, under his new identity, to serve as one of the station’s resident doctors.

This overall experience has left him embittered and paranoid. Especially towards those that happen to recognize him and caused him to leave his past life. While not a fighter, he will go to great lengths to make sure that he is not recognized.

The remaining passion he has left is to continue to build his expertise as a surgeon, and to one day return home and not worry about being hunted by the underworld.

Yuri 'Doc' Montoya - aka Dr. Inigo Lockheart

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