Livnia "Grey" Greydream


Linvia Greydream was born on Coruscant. Thanks to her proximity to the Jedi Council, her force sensitivity was noticed at an early age and she does not remember her family. She only recalls being an initiate. Her early years were filled with training, and she has fond memories of those times.

Those memories faded as her peers left her behind. Livnia lacked focus, and she always let her jealousy of others cloud her emotions. Because of this, she was never able to pass her Initiate Trials and become a padiwan. By the time she was 12, she was released from the care of the Jedi as they were willing to spend no more time training her, an event that coincided with the First Battle of Geonosis. Having nowhere else to go, she became a servant of a Jedi master, helping with younglings and doing menial tasks. It was not a challenging life, but Livnia felt bitter, betrayed and abandoned.

When Order 66 went out, the master fled with several apprentices and brought Livnia, recognizing that she would be in danger, and took them into hiding. Now Livnia saw, in close proximity, the promise of force sensitivity, and the attention the master lavished on these young Jedi. She was further consumed by jealousy.

Roughly a year after Order 66, Livnia arranged for a message to go to now-Emperor Palpatine, revealing the location of the master. Shortly thereafter, Darth Vader arrived, and dealt with them personally. Livnia was handsomely rewarded, and she was used to track several other Jedi as well, all successfully. She believed she was being helpful to the new Imperial Order, and that she would be trained, perhaps by the Emperor himself, for her loyalty. When she was called before him, she believed it was a sign that her time had come.

That time had indeed come, but it indicated that her usefulness to Palpatine was at an end. He executed her personally, using force lighting, and had her corpse disposed of.

Somehow, Livnia awoke later, lying in a trash compactor. She now knew the error of her ways, saw that she was no more than a tool, of little more use to the Emperor than she’d been to the Jedi. Using the reward money she’d been paid, she fled Coruscant, heading to the outer rim, trying to escape the memory of her actions as much as any perceived pursuit. As her funds dwindled, she found herself taking odd jobs to get by, where she found a handiness with machines and ships, enough to get by serving as a mechanic’s assistant. Never staying in once place for long, she spent time doing repairs for the Outer Rim Marauders.

Now in her early 30s, Livnia keeps her head low and is always looking for her next hiding place. Years later, she recognizes that it was her flaws that led her down her path, but she is still plagued by the guilt of her actions. Some day, she would like to redeem herself, though she has no idea how.

Livnia "Grey" Greydream

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