Lem Cynoka


Lem once served the corrupt Junk Baron using her uncanny abilities to read the minds of the baron’s rivals and tip negotiations in his favour. This exploitative relationship ended with the heroes of nova prime came to the Baron’s Palace. He had tried to do what he always did in these circumstances, poisoning their food so he could sell them back to Prince Volkair. Unfortunately, he did not expect that they had their own Jedi. The Baron was defeated and his life was spared but he would never live down the humiliation of being thwarted at his own treacherous game.

Livnia Graydream offered Lem a chance at freedom and Lem took it. She was placed among orphans at Nova Prime Orphanage. Despite Wiley’s kindness, Lem had difficulty fitting in with the other children. She reverted back to her old ways, using fear of her powers to keep people at bay. This changed however, when she entered the tutelage of Cielo Shen, a Jedi who had recently been released from long captivity in carbonite. The two of them got along, bonding over their misfit status on the station and it seemed that she would eventually put her past behind her.

This changed however when she was taken on a journey to the Tyus Cluster. Left alone with Cielo and Blaine, she was exposed to the whispers of the dark side in her mind. They pulled the threads of her fear and resentment and giving into her panic, she took Cielo’s blade and struck off Blaine’s arm.

She fled and was eventually recaptured. She awoke outside the Tyus Cluster to find herself safe in the company of her adopted family. Ever since then, she had never been comfortable with her abilities, feeling that somehow they were tainted by the darkside of the Tyus Cluster. And sometimes when she has nightmares of what happened in the Tyus Cluster, she dreams of something having followed her out.

Lem Cynoka

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