F1-NK (Fink)

F1 Exploration Droid


Class: Spy
Specializations: Scout, Slicer


Fink is a military scout droid originally built for use by the Trade Defense Force. It served most recently in a squad of droids and specialists during Trade Federation Customs Vizier Marath Vooro’s defiance of the Empire. During one such engagement, Fink was deactivated by an Empire Ion grenade.

Fink was reactivated and reprogrammed by a Jawa named Chuuba on the Nova Prime station, having no memory of how it got there or what happened to it’s squad. While it’s now primarily programmed as a lowly guard dog for the droid repair shop, it still retains it’s secondary programming of securing his designated home and squad against both physical and virtual threats. At this point in time, that would be his home on Nova Prime and it’s inhabitants.

While capable of vocalizing in Basic, Fink prefers to communicate by sending terse and concise textual information over secure channels to datapads and the like, as per it’s programming as a covert scout droid. It’s fiercely loyal, and will follow nearly every order without question, but is also proactive and will take creative action on it’s own in order to further it’s squad’s objectives.

F1-NK (Fink)

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