Jawa Entrepreneur


Obligation: Family
Chuuba’s family is elderly and needs looking after. His father no longer works as a mechanic, his elderly mother and father mainly managing the store Chuuba owns while he is away. Chuuba provides for them, paying for food, doctor visits and treatment, rent, anything they need he will try and provide.


Chuuba is the only son to a small Jawa slave family. Before he was born, his parents were sold by the Hutt that owned them to a small scavenger crew. Thankfully, their life of servitude was short-lived, the scavenger crew was arrested while salvaging illegally by the Republic authorites, and Chuuba’s family was freed, but left to fend for themselves. He was born on and grew up on ships, moving from crew to crew with his family, who repaired droids or as ship mechanics. His parents were too old to learn Basic, so Chuuba filled the role of translator and intermediary, bartering and negotiating on his family’s behalf. He quickly became good at striking bargains and making deals.

Chuuba and his elderly parents, Utama and Ku’ait, stopped at Nova Station by chance. Utama was struck ill for a short time, but they settled on the station when it became apparent his elderly father was too old to continue working as a mechanic, his hands too arthritic and his vision beginning to fade. Chuuba began a small business, Sandcrawler Service & Repair, named after the giant vehicle Chuuba’s father would tell stories of when he was a child.

One of his first purchases was a assortment of random, decommissioned droids. One of which, was an old F1 scout droid, he repaired and bonded with.

The shop gradually prospered, becoming fairly successful on the station. He now looks for deals on droids, buys and sells commodities on the station, negotiates contracts for the civilian government and station workers for droid repair. His mother and father manage the shop while his employees, a trio of Ugnaught siblings, Gornik, Slatblath, and Ugmir, work as the shop’s mechanics.


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