Blaine "Finger-Guns" Hansom

NPC - Once a dashing space ace that has gone to seed.


According to Blaine Hansom, he has flown to each of the four corners of the galaxy in search of adventure. He could shoot a credstick out of your hands at 30 paces, once tore the ears off a gundark and had once possessed enough wealth to buy and sell Corellia twice over.

To see him now, you would skeptical of his claims. Despite appearances he is an excellent pilot, if a bit unreliable. He still harbours ambitions of wealth and treasure hunting.

Blaine has retired from his days as a smuggler and hero after receiving a crippling blow during his adventures in the Tyus Cluster. He’s sworn off drinking since then and it seems to have stuck for now. In the meantime he’s entered into business with Phredric the Bothan as a CEO of the Quantum Lady Shipping Company.


Blaine "Finger-Guns" Hansom

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