Arijac Hosche

Explorer, Hunter, Frontiersman



Arijac was born and raised on Mandalore’s moon of Concordia. Isolated and sparsely populated, the exiled clans on Concordia were forced to live off the land and trade the moon’s natural resources for whatever supplies they could get offworld.

As a teenager, Arijac was already an accomplished explorer and outdoorsman. He had an interest in the exile ruins that were spread across the moon, and was one of the foremost hunters in his settlement.

It was around that age that Death Watch began it’s rise to power. Many of the clans joined them in their insurgency. Those that didn’t, such as Arijac’s settlement, were raided regularly by Death Watch and it’s supporters for supplies and capable hands.

Arijac was eventually press ganged into the insurgency, and was part of the supporting force that attempted to take control of Mandalore. During the commotion following the demise of their leader, Pre Vizsla, Arijac made his escape, and managed to secure passage offworld.

Wanderlust took hold, and he began exploring the galaxy. Whispers of strange creatures and ancient ruins guided him to a station called Nova Prime…

Arijac Hosche

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