Star Wars: Wild Space

Shadows of Evil - Epilogue

Nova Prime Station

Refugee Crisis

As the war between Karnor and Volkair heats up, more and more citizens are fleeing their homes in search of a safe haven. Nova Prime, being both far removed from the conflict and prosperous made an ideal location. This has put immense pressure on the station as it has struggled to find housing and work for the new arrivals.


Security has become an issue as many the refugees are inviting targets and untapped assets for the criminal element onboard the station. A nascent drug trade has blossomed on the station primarily dealing in Fornax, a chemical derivative of a common painkiller used during the Clone War, popular because of the ingredients being easily manufactured in almost every environment.

As a response to the increase in crime on board the station, Station Ops has increased recruitment and funding, but still find they are outnumbered and outgunned.

New Construction

Another sector has been opened, later dubbed “Montoya Ward” after the doctor responsible for curing the Septimus Strain.

Moxah the Hutt’s Personal Defense Logistics

A trader on Despair specializing in hard-to-find items. Moxah opened business on Nova Prime just as the planet was taken over by Karnor the Bloody. He escaped with most of his stock and quickly made connections with the trader pilots involved with Huff’s Trade Network.


Karnor’s conquest of Despair is complete save for a small group of rebels that fled into the wastelands. The Lyran IV ion cannons were salvaged and repurposed into the Ion Shroud, a defensive net to prevent ships from coming and going from the planet’s surface. Nova Prime’s agents, along with the rebels and a Jedi Knight managed to disrupt the Ion Shroud, leaving an enormous section unguarded. Part of Karnor’s Fleet separated in order to interdict fleeing ships, although the blockade is far less effective than the shroud.

The destruction of the Shroud further emboldened the rebels who have since made more daring raids into Karnor’s strongholds. While not able to match his army in power, they are a persistent threat to Karnor’s operations.

Lyran IV

Almost immediately after Karnor sacked Lyran IV, an Imperial convoy arrived answering an anonymous distress call that had been sent during the raid. Nearly 40,000 citizens were killed in the raid, another 15,000 taken as slaves. Lyran IV’s government was replaced with a military junta allied with the Empire. While many are thankful for the security the new Imperial garrison provides, they soon learned the heavy price they pay for that protection.


The civil war between the ruling houses of Akselon was halted briefly as two invasion forces consisting of Karnor’s fleet and the Imperial Navy arrived. Not nearly as cooperative as the other systems, Akselon has refused further imperial aid and has recalled its forces back to orbit around the planet. The warring successors have declared a temporary truce but who knows how long that will last?

Tyran Trade Guild

Guild Ships have been attacked during recent months, as the supplies they carry are coveted by the Sector Lords and their warmachines. A debate rages between the guild masters as to whether the guild should side with a warlord in order to guarantee some protection or the guildmaster ship simply relocate to another sector and cut its losses. A summit of the Tyran fleet admirals are gathering and Nova Prime will be taking part in the summit.

Operation Traveller

Our heroes have encountered various agents of the Imperial Security Bureau. Operation Traveller involved the sale of arms by Tonga the Collector to the Sector Lords in order to destabilize the Lyran Sector in advance of the Tarkin Doctrine.

An unintended consequence of the covert operation was the introduction of Iridium Torpedoes, a powerful weapon that would put the Sector Lords on even footing with the Imperial Navy. This was all thanks to Moff Wyndham’s greed and Tonga’s vendetta against Nova Prime Station.

Tonga the Collector’s Vendetta

Tonga the Collector wished to retake Nova Prime Station, stolen from him by his conniving servants. A cache of iridium fell into his hands from Breaker, the late servant of Ploovo. He procured the resources and knowledge to refine Iridium from his close friend, Moff Wyndham.

The Hidden Jedi

Orin Solusar, formerly of the Jedi Order, has once again moved on from an extended stay on Despair. His part in building the resistance against Karnor the Bloody has reignited in him a desire to be involved in the affairs of the galaxy. While he is on the run from Jedi Hunters, he uses his powers to bring peace and justice however he can.

Ciello Venir, a newly minted Jedi Knight during the final days of the Clone Wars. He and a fellow group of knights were sent to oversee the surrender of a Trade Federation planet to the Republic. Ciello was resentful that the chance for renown had passed him by. This changed however, as their clone trooper escort turned on them.The senior knight held off the troopers while Ciello and another apprentice fled. Ciello was critically injured and fled into the deep swamps where he was recovered by swamp dwellers. They administered his wounds as best they could and transported him to a field hospital. The administrator of the hospital, realizing what he had found, packed him up in bacta and sold him off to Tonga for a princely sum. He has been sealed up ever since oblivious to the change in the galaxy.


OceansEnd OceansEnd

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