Star Wars: Wild Space

S2E4 A Dish Best Served Cold

They caught up to Toinar in the Drek Pit, a shanty town built on the remains of a Xenoium Refinery. The industrial run-off, known as Drek, was highly explosive if not disposed of properly. Toinar was the middle-man for the bomb droids. His only friend, Naph Kordax.

Kordax was known as a builder. It was because of him that most of the city still stands to this day. He was betrayed, however, by a man who he thought was his friend, Hans Howar, billionaire industrialist. Hans ran his workers into the ground, exploiting them at the behest of the Empire so they could erect the Victory Tower, a sign of Imperial might and industry. Kordax was sewing rebellion in the hearts of the workers, so Hans arranged an accident. Kordax disappeared and was believed dead, until now. He was very much alive and desired for the truth to be revealed about Howar’s treachery. The final act of a revenge obsessed man would be the bombing of the very tower that he helped built, with Howar inside.

Toinar revealed this just before he was gunned down by a Hired Gun known as Sleemo Three-Guns and his posse of assassins. A firefight ensued and the assassins nearly had the upper hand until Argus Bloat’s men discovered a gun fight on their turf. Sleemo fled the scene.

Luckily, Bloat was an acquaintance of the rebels and it was also very unfortunate that Bloat’s own Momma had a cushy apartment in the Victory Towers. They drove to the battle in style.

Yanasera went to work disabling the massive bombs hidden within the bowels of the tower. Lem and Nakk confronted Howar in his penthouse suite, and Arijak discovered the location of the bomber in a nearby building.

The bombs were disabled just as Lem and Nakk managed to convince Howar to confess his part in the accident that nearly took Kordax’s life. Arijak bore final witness to what Kordax had become, a decrepit old man barely kept alive by own grandson. In the end, Kordax chose not to detonate the bombs. His quest for justice had been fulfilled but at the cost of many innocent lives. He asked if Arijak was an honourable man and asked for him to take care of his grandson. After being reassured that the child would be safe, he ended his life.

Lem, for her part, executed Howar for his crimes, and the two rebels escaped the tower.


OceansEnd OceansEnd

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