Star Wars: Wild Space

S2E3 Home Sweet Home

Their first stop on their journey back to Daraay was to Checkpoint Zeta, a hidden training camp.

It was there that they encountered a number of likely allies. Rango the fruit seller and Yello the Apothecary. In order to make money to afford their trip into the city, they took a commission from the mysterious fixer known as Shifty who was in need of a live Sykorax, a flying xenosaur that rarely ventured from the third jungle canopy. Their rival was Oryon the Hunter and his crew.

Through trickery and theft they managed to beat Oryon’s people to the punch and capture two Sykorax which they promptly traded to Shifty for a promising bonus to their fee.

With that, they ventured back into the city, running afoul of the corrupt bureaucratic Imperial machine in the form of Customs Inspector Reeve who required exorbitant bribes to keep from landing in an imperial gulag.

Following leads provided by Col-Sec Lt. Alva Hayes (forced from the investigation because of office politics) and Pvt. Dax (another Nova Prime orphan), they tracked down the source of the bomb droids to Parsec Couriers. They discovered that one of their technicians, Gainor, had been unknowingly putting bomb droids into the business’s droid fleet at the behest of a man named Toinar.


OceansEnd OceansEnd

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