Star Wars: Wild Space

S2E2 Bounty Hunter Blues

It was sheer luck that only the Doctor was knocked out by the stun grenade. Zallie took the doctor through a tear in the tent. The others set up to receive the bounty hunter’s assault. Yanasera intimidated the bounty hunters, giving time for Zallie to escape. The inevitable gun fight happened and the hunters were defeated. Jodo Kast fled using his jet pack, but Arijak’s lucky shot disabled the jet pack, which fell and exploded in the middle of their tent.

Leaving the chaos in the market behind them, the Rebels fled the city into the jungles of Nara. They found themselves in the village known as Mire, the home of Mason’s people. The Rebels encountered more war orphans from their past. B’nar and Telana. They were not the only ones from Nova Prime.

Galen Argo survived the events of the Battle of Cygnus, but defeat changed him for the worse. He had lost both his legs and his arm, which had been replaced with crude prosthesis. Not only was his body altered but his mind as well. The old general who had been a wise and cautious leader was now driven to exact vengeance against the Empire.

After giving them some time to adjust to life in Mire, Argo sent the Rebels on their first mission, to locate the Mad Bomber of Daraay and recruit him to their cause.


OceansEnd OceansEnd

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