Star Wars: Wild Space

S2E1 The Midnight Clinic

It began with a bomb attack which critically injured rebel agent Jace Mason. He was discovered by Kay-Cee Vol who brought in Lem, Nack, Zally, Yanesera and Arijac to assist her. The five of them orchestrated a reverse heist, planting false records of Mason as a patient in a nearby hospital so that he could receive treatment without compromising his identity as a rebel soldier.

His life was saved, however he was in no condition to complete his mission, which was to extract the Mon Calamari Dr. Arzulie who had been providing medical supplies to the rebels outside the colony. Col-Sec and the Empire were planning a sweep of the colony to round-up dissidents in the wake of protests and riots. Dr. Arzulie and his people had set up a mobile clinic for colonists would could not afford the cost of medical care.

Using their connections they figured out where the next stop for the Midnight Clinic would be and staked it out. While they were waiting, they discovered a crew of bounty hunters lead by the sort-of famous Jodo Kast. There was a brief skirmish and the Rebels escaped with the Bounty Hunter’s landspeeder. Using a communicator that was confiscated from a rebel agent, they got in touch with Dr. Arzulie who asked to meet them at his hideout. They traded the landspeeder for a Beam-Splitter, a device used to breach the sonic barrier that surrounded the Colony. With their means of escape in hand the Rebels made contact with the Doctor.

They met in Takren Square Market at the Bird seller’s tent. Dr. Arzulie was reunited with the Nova Prime Orphans. The joyful meeting was short lived as Jodo Kast launched a stun grenade into the tent.


OceansEnd OceansEnd

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