Star Wars: Wild Space

Season 1 Epilogue

Karnor’s defeat on Nara V signaled the end of the Warlord Period of the Lyran Sector. Where the raiders saw easy targets, they found staunch defenders and where the Empire hoped to sow chaos, they found strong bonds forged in battle.

The survivors mourned the dead and set to the long task of rebuilding.

What became of the Tyran Merchant Guild and the Brotherhood of Scavengers and Junkers?
The Tyran Merchant Guild absorbed the remains of the Brotherhood of Scavengers and Junkers into their ranks. They formed a subsidiary guild of prospectors and traders called the Prospector’s Association. Temba son of Olf assumed control of the Association. Although young, his experiences on Nova Prime taught him caution and wisdom and the Union prospered in its first years.

Olf stepped down from leadership and a general election was held. His brother Tass, unfortunately, was not able to gather enough votes to win back his seat.

What became of Lyran IV?
Ever since the end of the war, Lyran IV became a divided world. Those that fought against the warlords that returned home found their planet unrecognizable under Imperial control. The Empire rounded up veterans of the war regardless of whether the returning soldiers supported the empire or not. Today Lyran IV is safe, but at the cost of its freedom.

What became of Despair?
Despair had won its freedom from the Lyran Sector Warlords by blaster and blade. The Johari rebels, as they called themselves, set up a provisional government and set to themselves to the difficult task of rebuilding. The Johar Oligarchy declared the planet the Free Planet of Meridian. An alliance with the Prospector’s Union and the Tyran Merchant Guild was established to clear the debris from the orbit of Meridian and at the end of seven long years, the people of Meridian no longer fear what may fall from the sky.

What became of Nova Prime?
Nova Prime had suffered Almost immediately, the victors set about establishing a formal alliance between themselves with Nova Prime at the center. The foundation for the Freespace Union was laid down in the early days of the war. The first members of the Union were Nova Prime, Akselon, and the Tyran Guild, each represented by Galen Argo, Baron Enwin d’Akord, and Olf Treesinger. The Union was a combined military front against future invaders as well as an governing body to mediate conflicts between Union members.


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