Star Wars: Wild Space

Episode 20

Call to Battle!

Our heroes arrive back on Akselon where Princess Aura was crowned Queen. By her command, the mighty fleets of Akselon stood down from their petty squabbles and joined together to sail for Nova Prime.

While they were gone, Prince Volkair made his move. A planetary cannon was secretly unearthed by Volkair’s agents and brought to bear against the unsuspecting space station. Nova Prime’s defenders sprung into action and flew down to the surface, only to be ambushed and scattered by Volkair’s forces, and a deadly web of planetary defense lasers.

Zosh, the reckless commander that he was, pulled his companions away from Akselon, leaving the generals and queens to plan for battle. By guile, they posed as a late arrival to Prince Akselon’s invading fleet. By strange coincidence, Chuba’s cousin, Jakuul had joined with Volkair as a trader. They stole his ship and flew down to the surface where they met up with their allies.

The Battle for Nara IV

Before the Battle
Zosh and F1-NK gathered the scattered troops of the First Legion and discovered that the remnants of Red Squadron had been captured and put into a prison camp near Arc-4, right where the planetary cannon was stationed.

Chuuba and Gray set to work convincing the Silentium to join the fight.. They were reluctant, given that they were a peaceful species. However, with the urging of the Silentium Terminal nicknamed Scarface, the Silentium came out of hiding to take a stand for their new homeland.

A new ally appeared, the last researcher of the Republic Expedition Force that had become completely absorbed in his work on the Nara IV. He had discovered a way to control the Xenosaurs that roamed the planet. Certain high frequency sounds used in a key sequence could compel the creatures into obedience. Dr. Yuri helped the duros researcher Dr. Talath Kon (henceforth known as Dr. Bones because of his bone mask) complete his research and created a holo-recording of various commands Dr. Bones could use.

During the Battle
The Silentium Ship drifted over the Prison Camp in total silence and nearly invisible under its cloaking device. It blasted apart the towers and the first legion descended to the surface to free their comrades.

While the Silentium and First Legion attacked the Prison Camp, the Xenosaurs rampaged through the Arc 4 fortress.

During the attack, the Enemy General, fleeing from the Xenosaur attack, was captured by the agents of Nova Prime.

While the fort was being attacked, attacked, reinforcements arrived and damaged the silentium mothership, forcing it to flee the field.

The planetary defense laser was commandeered by the Agents and turned against Prince Volkair’s fleet. The tide turned against Volkair as the combined Akselon and Tyran Guild fleets defeated the traitorous prince.

The Arrival of Karnor the Bloody
Just as victory was in sight and Volkair’s fleet broke and scattered from the field, a strange war cry screamed across all channels. The power of the darkside washed over the battlefield, sending brave soldiers cowering in terror. Karnor the Bloody and his Berserkers had arrived.


OceansEnd OceansEnd

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