Star Wars: Wild Space

Episode 19


The agents of Nova Prime have been missing for months after they ventured into the Tyus Cluster in search of the lost Valoran Prism. It is up to Gray, one of the last Jedi, to venture into the dark heart of Tyus to find her friends.

While there, Grey discovered that within the Tyus Cluster was a force locus, a place where the power of the darkside had gathered. Even to the non-force sensitives trapped within the cluster were experiencing vivid hallucinations and erratic emotions. Blaine Hansom was maimed by Lem, the Jedi youngling, and the Jedi Cielo, wounded and afraid, became trapped in the memory of his first battle of the Clone War.

Meanwhile, the other agents set to work repairing the Nightcrawler with the scavenged parts left in the Federation ships. They fought off wave and wave of attackers; and their Silentium companion was kidnapped by Perseus the ship-board AI.

A desperate battle between the AI and our heroes ensued. The AI’s droid core was destroyed, buying them enough time to flee the wreckage of the Federation ships and back to Nova Prime with the Valorian Prism in hand.


OceansEnd OceansEnd

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